after languishing for years in unfinished status, here are the two most recent hibiscuses, 3 and 3.5.  hibiscus 2 is still available at http://atomisk.com/hibiscus, and 1 is probably out there somewhere.  enjoy… 3.5 is a bit of a departure from the format.

andrew maguire, return to town to record hibiscus 4.  it’s ready and waiting…  and written, even!



  1. i’m just quoting awesome new republic. it has nothing to do with my feelings. rly.

  2. do you still have the music for hibiscus four, by chance? it seems that i lost the original file in the great laptop theft of 2k8, sadly… that and the string chart for raffa and rainer it seems :/

    maybe if you and devin have the charts i printed? i don’t even remember how it goes.

  3. actually i think i do. i’ve been waiting for the resurrection. there is a lot of a certain rhythm or two.

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