The warm, pledge drive-funded glow of public television

Whoever can spot all the Atomisk artists featured in this video wins a bust of noted orator William Jennings Bryan made out of semi-dark chocolate.



  1. Matt Gajewski
    Richard Haig
    Rainer Davies
    Patrick Hart
    Devin Smith
    Joe Rhemer
    Luke Moellman
    Nolan Lem

    (Gimme the chocolate)

  2. are the remaining two represented aurally? if so, then they must be MJ and Nick Kruge!

    Bust me, Matt. Gim-ME the chocolate.

  3. You’re all looney. Have you forgotten that GOD is an official Atomisk Artist? Repent! GOD is in the video.

    Therefor the chocolate is Mine.

  4. Mr. Magoo – very astute. Nick K is indeed 1 of the 2 remaining. But I wasn’t considering MJ to be an Atomisk artist, although I grant that he could be viewed as such. Richard – God was interviewed for the video, but said interview was cut in post.

    Thus – there is still one person remaining . . .

  5. as far as the florida division of corporations is concerned, we don’t have artists. or a functioning business. so, the answer is zero.

    i’ll take the chocolate, thank you

  6. CHOCOLATE! You must be referring to the Mountain Dew Cod Red Terror Alert! CHOCOLATE!

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