1. Sweet mother of mothers, Shunt is incredible. It’s a massive labrynthine ancient wine cellar that looks like a dungeon. The crowd went apeshit, about two dozen people were dancing on stage, but then they knocked over my gear so I had to kick them off.

    I’m duct taping my stuff to the table tonight.

  2. Regardless of being battened down with neon pink duct tape, during last night’s hour-long set, the vibrations from the bass were so strong, all the screws on one of my FX boxes actually unscrewed themselves.

    Went home with a few (that’s multiple!!!) Spanish girls. Sweet christ, I was up being awesome till 11 am.

    At least one of my appendages is practically black and blue.

  3. yeahh yeahh yeahhh yeahhhh!!! pink duct tape, yeah, spanish girls yeah! but ultra bass making screws come out YEAAHHHH

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