Team Debate: Autotune vs. Imitation

At 3:20 of this video

One of the following is happening

  1. Lady Gaga is imitating autotune artifacts in her actual vibrato
  2. There is live autotuning occurring and the tracking is going haywire

I’ve listened to this about thirty times now, and I believe she’s doing it herself. However, it sounds fucking weird and could just as easily be digital.

Debate below.


  1. All of the music is performed live by a real band of human beings with no effects. The backup dancers on the other hand, are actually horrible dancers in real life, and are being run through Max/Msp Jitter to correct and synchronize their movements when the show is broadcast.

  2. She is singing live. I know that there are “live” auto-tuning capabilities. But her “scream” towards the end would have sounded much more weird. The exact same delay effect on her singing is also present in that “scream”. Her vibrato is real. She is trained in musical theatre and can easily achieve that wide vibrato, that sounds like the imitation vibrato that the “Waves Tune” plug-in does.
    VOTE: #1

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