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facebook page of performance last year its serious to watch and check out in order to get cap twisted backwards which is good for slice of pizza at 2 in the morning ‘famous rays’ or ‘famous original rays’ or ‘pizza disiduosa’ or ‘deciduous forest’ i learn about in third grade or GREENLAND….where its NICE and GREEN!! — which one is your favorite watch the video and eat pizza so I can be a mom to work sometimes my dad

Mr and a-Mrs “Fluffy-bunny” love to dip their heads in the “sloppy gravy”
Whilst F.W. Woolworth IV holds court in the Lampendackle Castle
This is actually a chocolate universe of coded truth-boosters
None of which have any sort of validity —
Except within a gooey moth’s mother maple mustard milk fashion wagon (i.e. DANFORTH)
I have been thinking about what it might be like to be the like doing with the love machine talking with or without the things which are this relationship
Suppose though I could wind in the back of a six-foot stole slap an up-jump cut in rug Medusa; sack-mat, OR, rag-hat “Demmy”
Demmy on the farthest wall reaches for the hungry sun
Lettuce, corn, and green beans outline a sheem for gene (that guy in the movie who married the human toothpick)
Heh, plus seventy five fried-cut potato chips and I never shoulda been-an-actor
Look, it must be nice to drink sheets of barley-wine with the Ice Whores of Mondo-Wondo’s Magic Lantern
Or dine on mammoth serpent from the shores of Mrpillezemp
But me, I prefer homosexual leprechauns on stilts
Cause THIS is what will eventually establish my proposal to have Egyptian phonographic solar whiffle theory in every university in Russia from now until the end of time…..

(i need money)


Was born on a construction WAY BACK IN NINETEEN-DIGGTY-TWO!!!

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