Please Help

Take the following steps

Please imagine Stephen King holding an Ewok in a vicious headlock… giving the Ewok an tremendous noogie

There are several other ‘Stephen Kings’ and ‘Ewoks’ standing around and watching and laughing.

in a moment of fury, the Ewok bites the Stephen King’s hand

….and then Stephen King cries out and slowly transforms into an Ewok

the new Ewok hi fives the other ewok that was previously getting a noogie in shock and fear

the remainder of the STephen Kings waddle off to compose a new horror novel by themselves

6 mo later, it is #1 on the new york bestseller list

9 mo later, the novel gives birth to a beautiful baby

12 mo later, the novel expires

a frustrated person sits in a bar in new york drinking straight scotch in deep depression that he was unable to finish reading the book before the expiration date

it is raining/snowing outside

slush covers the streets

people are drying the streets off with towels to no avail.

The tattoo reads: “The most deadly and dangerous spot in the United States. It is a pit of horrors–the haunt of all that is grim and ghoulish. Such animal and revile life as infests this pest-hole is of ghastly shape, rancorous nature and diabolically ugly. It breeds only noxious and venomous things. Its dead do not decompose, but are baked, blistered and embalmed by the scorching heat through countless ages. It is surely the nearest to a little hell upon earth that the whole wicked world can produce.”


Was born on a construction WAY BACK IN NINETEEN-DIGGTY-TWO!!!

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