Question: “Who is the worst twitter artist of all time?”

Q:What if my indian food tastes like ghost meat?
A:It might be possible that your indian food was not prepared in a sanitary environment.

Q:If my server is wearing a mask, how do I determine his or her gender?
A:Usually the servers in restaurants of any variety do not wear masks. This (wearing masks) is not a common problem. However, if you happen to find yourself in this scenario, you could ask your server to remove his or her mask or simply ask him/her for the gender type. If the server refuses to remove his or her mask, you may try asking the manager of the indian food restaurant or you could check for other characteristics that may identify gender (clothes, hairstyle, etc.).

Q:What kind of attire is expected to worn when visiting an indian food restaurant?
A:Usually a full clothing set is required for each individual. This would normally include footwear, pants+shirt or dress (or other 1-piece) and any accessories or undergarments as needed.

Q:Thanks for the help! I think I’m all ready to go to the indian food restaurant now.
A:I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound like a question. Can you please rephrase?

Q: Who retwote these lyrics in 2015?”. . . the most deadly and dangerous spot in the United States. It is a pit of horrors–the haunt of all that is grim and ghoulish. Such animal and revile life as infests this pest-hole is of ghastly shape, rancorous nature and diabolically ugly. It breeds only noxious and venomous things. Its dead do not decompose, but are baked, blistered and embalmed by the scorching heat through countless ages. It is surely the nearest to a little hell upon earth that the whole wicked world can produce.”
A: uhhh….


Was born on a construction WAY BACK IN NINETEEN-DIGGTY-TWO!!!

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