Alian: A look back.

Ailen is a film about workplace conditions and HR relations.

“If the company policy was followed in the first place….we wouldn’t be in this dang mess”
-Riply (Main Character from Aliens)

Let’s take a quick look back at the order of the victims.

Victim Zero: Kane
He had the alien problem in his body so he was not the first prey but simply the first tragedy.

Victum #1: Brett
Victim ##1
Brett was the first legit prey that the alien got on the ship.
A tragedy, however, Brett was already down on his luck a bit with the business about company shares, so what more could we say about that??

Victem @2: Tom Skerit
What could I possibly say about this ? Tom was the captain of the ship and he would ultimately have to go down with the ship so his fate was already sealed. I don’t really understand why anyone would want to be a captain. All ships go down eventually.

Victemm $3: Ash (a robot)
If it weren’t for robots, the world would be a better place. We have great things like cats and dogs what do we need robots for? This scene is evidence that robots do not have souls and they do not experience legitamate empathy or terror.


basically the rest of the movie kind of follows suit and everyone else continues to die in the order that you would expect. I recommend seeing alien with some friends.


Was born on a construction WAY BACK IN NINETEEN-DIGGTY-TWO!!!

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