Your summer reading list

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Everyone read this:

Star Wars: Machete Order

Written by Rod Hilton
Then read this:
Ted’s Caving Page, with the story of his discovery in a local cave.

Updated 5/19/01
Then read this:
I expect your report on your desk on monday.

Logic Pro X Icons

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Logic Pro X is sucktastixxx. Using custom GUIS makes is marginally better. Using custom icons is like putting up cheesecake photos of women draped suggestively over sexy, sexy Datsun Z280s on the wall of your mechanic’s garage.

Here’s where they’re at:
Logic Pro X > Show Package Contents

They’re .tiffs w/ 5 sizes, 512×512, 256,128,64,32. + Alpha Channel.
They’re named instruments like, “tamborine.tiff” or “telecaster.tiff”

“That’s Sick, Bro! Great story!”

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“That’s Sick, Bro! Great story!”

Swan Von Solo turned away from me and very quietly slammed the remainder of his Icehouse beer.   Before he was all finished he managed to capture the attention of the busy bartender by using his finely tuned powers of suggestion.  Swan suggested to the guy that we could “tear up the next round”.  I offered a suggestion that we all order Preppy Longstockings with vodka instead of vermouth, but the mood was not quite right for something that exquisite.  The special tonight at the Dirty Xalamander was a pabst and shot of lower shelf whiskey for $3.50.  So because that deal is hipster crap and pabst tastes like luke skywalker’s bathwater, we demanded the Icehouse Beer.   Swan hooted into the air with tremendous glee, as was his custom.

Health Bag began explaining the holiday to the rest of us.  Everyone listened very closely because Health Bag was a very beautiful woman and whatever she said was VERY interesting.    Whatever Health Bag Says…. GOES.   As she spoke, a soft jingle sounded from the curtain of bells that dangled in front if her face. The curtain of tiny bells completely hid her face, but we all knew how lovely she was beneath.   None of us dared to respond in an argumentative manner, because She was very knowledgeable about her holidays and we, for the most part, were not.

The holiday had something to do with the Oxone. She told us a fable that described the bizarre circumstances that led to the creation of the Oxone. Although the reasons were very strange, we are all very lucky that the Oxone had been created and this is what we are celebrating today.

I asked Swan to hold my beer for me as I swiftly excused myself out to the restroom.  As I moved through the thick crowd towards the front of the bar (away from the restroom), I reconsidered my assignment.  I knew in the heart of my penis that I was doing the right thing.  All of this was well planned out at some point.   I stepped out of bar and walked towards a bright star that caught my attention.  The star was delighted to be acknowledged and it responded by morphing a little.   Somehow, I began to feel like none of it made any sense any longer.   I feel like I need to get in back touch with the original plan.   I started to run a little.   I was not worried, because  Swan would still be there when i got back.   He wears a bullet proof jacket and he is a good friend.   I just hope he does not realize that I am not in the bathroom.    I hope that he does not wonder about what i am really doing.   I hope that he continues to hold on to my Icyhouse beer.

According to Health Bag’s story, a sacrifice was normally offered in celebration on this day, however, this practice had fallen out of pocket many years ago.  I admit that I had not prepared myself very well for this.   I admit that I had nothing to offer.  I admit that I probably could have done much better back at the bar, than out here with the calling skies and the introspective reflections, bro.

I arrived at an office building in the middle of the forest.  The exact geographical middle if the entire forest, which was shaped like a hangover the next day.

“This might be the latest that i have ever worked”

I said out loud as I sat down at my desk in the nearly empty office.  It is getting very dark, and i can barely see the any of the things that i had been following around before.  I did not feel completely lost just yet!  I began to arrange the documents on my desk.   I enabled the computer by pressung the “on”  button, which was shaped in the same strange shape of the forest that i was in.   I realized that all the photos were fakes.  The documents were all phony also.


Miley Ray Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”

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The opening progression:  Dm ,  F/C , C ,  G,  has a stability that is rooted in the familiarity of minor function of the dm.   As we return to the Dm we know our place in society and in life and love.

A clever opening.  Almost TOO clever.

In the same way that with a heavy cross on her shoulder like the great Jesus Christ of Nazarath walked to his execution (bearing the weight of human sin), Millpy sings with “chains on her heart” to represent the emotional gravity of epic tale she is about to lay on us.

the following 2 lines are dumped on the listeners ears without warnings:

We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain. We jumped never asking why
We kissed, I fell under your spell. A love no one could deny

We consider what Milly is saying in this section.   Clearly there was a romantic encounter that she was involved with.   Perhaps she is saying that this encounter was unquestioned and initiated without too much hesitation on either side.   Although it is a little strange that in this verse she mentions that the hearts were chained “in vain”, because that seems to be more the point of the whole song.  Perhaps this is a bit of a spoiler?

The progression then suddenly turns into a more emotional progression:  Bb , Dm , F , Bb.   Starting from what seems to function as the VI, a second Moley Siruns appears an octave higher to double herself for the next phrase:

Don’t you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you
I can’t live a lie, running for my life. I will always want you

Clearly the relationship mentioned initially has ALREADY ended and Mopey here is perhaps stating that she would prefer that it should have continued.  Either way, no hard feelings.

There is a little space, a breath, a moment to consider what we have already experienced thus far.    Quite an artful touch… Millsie!

Then we are pounded in the face by a progression that is now solidly rooted in the relative major key, F.   F, C, Dm, Bb  says : “get the picture, bitch?”

The song continues as planned and Milpy rides nude the wrecking ball to get the Internets full attention.

Zapf Galifianakis and The Dingbats

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Manic Aplomber vs Miracle Brat

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New UBR Website

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Unmatched Brutality, The brutal death metal label well known for artists such as “Prostitute Disfigurement”, “Cock and Ball Torture”, and “Cumchrist”,  have altered their website.  The new version of their website includes new content about the development of classic rock.

Elton John Tribute Compilation, Coming 2014

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Atomisk Records Elton John 10th Anniversary Billy Joel Tribute Comp

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Atomisk Records Billy Joel Tribute Comp

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You cannot handle PRESSURE.

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