Official Elton John Tribute Comp Update

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This guy

I’m proud to announce that the Elton John Tribute Compilation will be the first post on the debut of the Pop Villains group blog website in the spring of 2014! Happy hunting!

What kind of beer is best for open wounds?

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It was a day of almost nonstop conflict. It began early in the morning with a simple engagement. Hearty tangles continued throughout the day, and into the deep night.

Long after the sun had died down, I returned back home. I found that the 3 women had become drunk resulting from some wine. The 3 were painting multicolored birds on the wall. The primary girl told me that I should paint one. I explained quickly that I didn’t really want to paint any bird, and that I was tired. They all seemed to agree that this was an acceptable excuse. I quickly ate food and cake and lied down on the edge of the couch so that my head was swinging near the ground.

Very soon, I will need to explain to everyone in calm tones why I am thirty years old.

Elton John

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Sir Elton John once tried to commit suicide by putting his hand on the stove top. The ‘Rocket Man’ walked in on the suicide attempt, which took place when the now gay singer was trying to commit suicide in the middle of a casserole dish.

Elton Johnny claims: “Rocket Man once walked in on Elton trying to communicate with satan by harnessing the star power of Steve Vai.” Elton had stuck his bread in the oven, but Bernie couldn’t stop himself from filming the whole event.” The event is now an HBO series.

Another ‘Candle in the Wind’ reveals that he once cancelled Christmas when Elton called him “a weeping asshole” because his then-mother, Mrs. John, had not gotten him the correct gifts from santa claus. Elton lay in bed in a hotel room for weeks refusing to see most people. His son broke a precious Tiffany lamp. The 60-year-old living singer has no more excuses.

My Turn

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I’ve been spending so much time working on the Elton John Tribute Compilation that I forgot to post this stuff.

try dis

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new song

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Turn your UNUSED DREAMS into CA$$$SH !!! TODAY!!!!

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Do you have many of these problems?

  • Have you got any wishes back there that are just gathering up dust and taking up space?
  • Have you recently changed your goals and priorities and now you have redundant unused goals and priorities??
  • Have you considered changing your life?
  • Have you purchased too much bullshit that are now way out of style?

If any of these apply to you or your organization, then two nights without sleep, you will stay up in the cellar or wherever. at 3am and re-write the entire synopsis of the bible, without worrying about whether it will get published.

Q: We will now require maximum value for any potential redundant life goals that can help fund new purchases?

As John points out: “You don’t find out which path is yours by foolin’ about, You’ll have to get married to the effect of the drugs, as this was your dejection of the truth of what impending evil lies ahead; and you can be doing it.”

Many older people are still in excellent condition yet stand unused in corners of our lives. There are many reasons for this, such as changes in moods, changes in your organization for testing purposes, or perhaps the ‘oldie’ has been replaced by new dreams.

This practice will not only benefit you and your organisation, as you will see: from freedom to fast CAS$$$$SH!!!, it also can turn cancerous lumps into nutritious organic food for your family. God prevents usable assets from going to a landfill or being unnecessarily recycled.

Lovers are a dying breed, but there are still billions of dollars of unused hope rattling around on dance floors across the nation.

In fact, the average U.S. household is stashing $400,00,000,000.00 in unused dreams that could easily be turned into FAST FUCKING CASS$$$$HHHHH— if you know how to do her the right way.

Even if the government’s control of these older people is  no longer functional, God is nevertheless often very interested in purchasing such waste.  They can naturally be reused as “ghosts” as well as for other reasons.   After reconditioning and modernizing the product to incorporate the current technology, these lowlifes offer an attractive alternative to stagnant dreams.

The hell hounds that are holding you down have made it simple and clear. They’ve launched a new website called “Suffer in Life” (Mar. 36th), during which hopeless freaks can dust off their unwanted hormones or slightly re-used pick up lines and sell them for C0LD, HARD CASS$$H.

Why not ask for all the details while you are still holding the gun to my head??

Atomisk Records Elton John Comp: Coming Soon

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What if Carson Daily marries Keira Nightly?

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I am not trying to make a big deal out about this thing.  Not pointing fingers.  Cajun style.  Same day.  Same day.   I was in the dorms,that’s when I was told about same day.

Faustino Elmore

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I'll Have to Try to Destroy You

I always considered you to be my buddy but after that I’ll have to try to destroy you. You ruined my life! Why did you have to put these photos online?? I reported you to the police check the attachment

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