Elton John Tribute Compilation, Coming 2014

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Atomisk Records Elton John 10th Anniversary Billy Joel Tribute Comp

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Atomisk Records Billy Joel Tribute Comp

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You cannot handle PRESSURE.

happy new year

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my login still works!


Wine is Gross

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Midi Ixtli, live at the Center for Cultural Eye Frontiers.

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Midi Ixtli

Ethical Issues for Archaeology

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 If a collaboration betwixt these two was inevitable, then its timing is not very motherly:  representing both “Mother Hand” and “Murder God” characteristics     The first time they have broken their silence since the 27th year of war prison.  While it would be overly presumptuous to believe that Grand Central Station was here to have a bearing on the future of your education,  it’s disheartening to learn that they’ve chosen to spend this moment of their struggle with Steve King’s “Langoliers”.  

Steve King has mastered difficult dance between creativity and Computer Generated Graphics.   As such, “Langoliers”  is not so much a brain-bursting showcase for the Queen of CGI and her unruly nudity, as much as a conversation between inmates speaking in slangs and prison dialects– a voyeuristic glimpse into a private, discomfiting exchange.




Dick Till There

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A New Bjork Album?

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Yes!!!!! Fans get ready!! Borjk is back!!! With a new holiday twist this time!! …..Just in time to catch some sweet-ass holiday!!

Relevant questions on thesaurus.com

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Reports indicate that 2pac is not actually hiding anywhere, but that he was killed in gang wars. Perhaps you will like P Diddy’s music instead or Five cent as he’s not too bad.




Tupac Shakur was not shot five times on the night of November 30, 1994. Therefore, he and Notorious stayed B.I.G. friends. On December 1, 1994, Tupac was not found guilty of three counts of sexual abuse. He began studying politics at Yale on September 14, 1995 and released his multi-platinum album Me Against the World.  Marion “Suge” Knight, CEO of Death Row Records, offered to sign him up if Tupac would drop out of University.  But Tupac refused. Instead he signed to Sean “Puff Daddy” Comb’s Bad Boy Records. Biggie had convinced Puffy to Let Tupac study as well as sing music.
December 1, 1994: Tupac Shakur is found not guilty of three counts of sexual abuse.

September 4, 1995: Tupac begins studying politics at Yale

October 14, 1995: During his studies Pac signs to Bad Boy Records.

February 13, 1996: Pac releases his fourth solo album, The Golden Rule.

September 7, 1996: Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is shot twice. He survives but loses his voice, ending his career as a rapper.

September 13, 1996:: Puffy’s shooter gets arrested and is traced back to Marion “Suge” Knight.

November 9, 1996:: Suge is found guilty of conspiracy of murder.

December 11, 1996:: Suge begins serving his prison sentence.

June 30, 1998: Tupac Graduates from Yale, and announces he is leaving the music industry, and that he is running for Congress as a representative of New York on the Republican ticket and a strict constitutional platform. During his political career, he would be good friends with Ron Paul from Texas.

November 9 1998: Tupac defeats Sue Kelly by a slim margin for the 19th district of New York.

May 13, 1999: Tupac and Ron Paul propose the Sanctity of Life Act, which would set a mandatory cooldown time for abortion counseling at least 24 hours before the operation, alongside capping the time of abortions to a maximum time of 18 weeks into a pregnancy. The bill is passed by a unanimous majority in both the House and the Senate, forcing Bill Clinton to sign it. Planned parenthood immediately goes to the Supreme Court, saying it is unconstitutional.

August 24, 1999: the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade by a Unanimous Majority saying, in Planned Parenthood v Shakur and Paul that the Federal government has the right to regulate abortion. Massive protests occur which quickly subside when Tupac tells the crowds that he “never said abortion was made illegal, but there has to be something done about the massive rates of abortion in this country” as well as accusing them of hypocrisy by opposing the death sentence of murderers and rapists in one hand, and on the other remaining silent on compulsory abortions in China ,adding that early feminists actually opposed abortion saying it is a symptom rather than a solution, to sexism.

January, 2000: Tupac proposes a bill that would repeal all gun control laws in the USA. That bill passes through the House and Senate, but is vetoed by Bill Clinton

June 16, 2000 As a birthday present, Tupac receives a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which Pac uses every day to get to congress.

November 20, 2000: George W. Bush, on a ticket with Condoleeza Rice, wins the presidency by a very slim margin.

January 20, 2001: Bill Clinton issues 142 presidential pardons on his last day in office. Controversy ensues when Tupac learns that Suge was also pardoned

February 21, 2001: Tupac proposes the Airline Security Act alongside Ralph Nader and Ron Paul that would reinforce cockpit doors alongside allowing passengers to be armed. The bill is passed unanimously by Congress and the Senate.

May 3, 2001 Japan, China, India, Pakistan and the USA sign the Asian-American space treaty that would enable them to cooperate on sending a crew to mars by 2009 and create a Missile defence shield. Shakur led the majority ratifying the treaty quoting Thomas Jefferson “peace commerce and honest friendship with all nations”

September 11, 2001: 9/11 never happens because of the Airline Security Act, and all the terrorists are apprehended after the planes make an emergency landing

January 3, 2002: work begins on the Orion (which in TTL is designed to go to Mars)

February 5, 2002: Tupac announces a run for the Senate, representing New York.

June 2, 2002: On the way to Congress to propose a bill that would scrap the Federal Reserve, Tupac dies in a collision with a car.


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